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Summer Creative Science Workshops

The KSSTM conducts creative science workshops for school children during every summer. The application are usually received during March and the classes will be conducted in April & May. Around 200 students studying in classes 5 to 10 participates in this science inculcation program.

The quality of the workshop is supreme, as the classes are conducted by eminent professors, subject experts and museum faculties.  The students are exposed to wonders of Astronomy, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Environmental science, Agricultural practices and even up to Robotics and Space science. Practicals  ranging from electronic circuits designing to telescope making and sky watching are arranged to get hands on experience to the participants.

The science workshop is aimed at not only acquainting   scientific principles or scientists, to the students but to give them an opportunity to the science feel  and love it and ultimately develop a scientific culture in them.

Details regarding admission to this program will be published in website and leading newspapers

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