About us

The Kerala State Science & Technology Museum is an autonomous organization designed to serve as a dynamic medium of science communication for the public and inculcating a sense of inquiry and scientific temperament in the minds of the young. The museum has galleries on electrical, electronics, power and motion mechanics with more than 300 exhibits, galleries on Popular Science, Mathematics, Auto mobile, Bio-medical Engineering, Computer and Robotics, Priyadarsini Planetarium, Mobile Science Exhibition Unit, a Science Play Park with Educational playing devices, 3D theatre, Energy ball and Laserium & Water fountain. A well equipped library is an important attraction of this museum.

                       Kerala State Science & Technology Museum is very popular among School, College and University students and general public. It also organizes science and technology awareness classes on a regular basis for students. Resource persons from the field of Engineering, Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied Science, Astronomy, Environment Sciences and other related areas are invited not only from Trivandrum but also from other parts of the state as well as from outside the state.